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Headache Treatment

Do You Have a Lot of Headaches?

Are You a Migraine Sufferer?

Why do you tolerate them? Do you EVER feel fabulous?

Migraine and tension headache sufferers will tell you that they don`t have full blown "attack" headaches everyday. That`s the good news

The bad news is they have at least some degree of pain EVERY SINGLE DAY. And for many this pain has become so normal that they don`t even know what a day without any pain would feel like.

Now there's a NON-DRUG FDA APPROVED breakthrough available from Dr. Jones!

Clinical trials on medically diagnosed migraine sufferers show:

  • There were no side effects and no new pain
  • 82% of patients had a 77% average reduction in migraine events
  • Pain medication use was reduced by almost 50%
  • Nausea episodes were reduced by 78%
  • Light sensitive episodes were reduced by 66%
  • Sound sensitive episodes were reduced by 68%

In my entire career I have never used the word MIRACLE to describe any treatment I have ever seen or done. THIS IS AS CLOSE TO A TRUE MIRACLE AS IT GETS! - Dr. Jeffrey Jones

Usually worn only when sleeping, fitting over only the two upper front teeth, this comfortable device can and will change your life.


More than 23 million people suffer severe migraine headache and millions more consider themselves "headachy" having "regular" headaches far too often.

It is now known that the temporal muscles (a muscle used in chewing) of chronic headache sufferers contract during sleep 14 times more intensely than normal. Typically, sufferers rarely awake "feeling fabulous" and come to expect this as normal, but it is not normal!

This device is often referred to as an orthopedic mandibular repositioning device. It is a device that Dr. Jones custom builds and then custom fits to your individual upper front teeth.

It is not bulky and covers only two teeth. Most people only have to wear it when they sleep, but more difficult cases require it to be worn all day as well. Since it so small, nearly everyone can tolerate it quite well. It is built to fit tightly, it can only be removed by using your fingers, so you shouldn`t worry about swallowing it in your sleep. Patients report that it feels odd for the first 2-3 nights then it becomes no big deal.

This device does not cure a current headache, it prevents and lessens future headaches ... very effectively. It can legitimately be said that this is THE most effective preventative treatment that exists today.

If you are not in a current headache, it will begin to work immediately. Therefore Dr. Jones recommends you consider beginning treatment immediately SO YOU CAN PREVENT AND LESSEN YOUR HEADACHES IMMEDIATELY. Results usually take 1 to 4 days. Some take 4 weeks or longer. Then the device is worn to sleep indefinitely.

The device can be created in our office and custom fitted to your mouth in one appointment. Dr. Jones has done this treatment for nearly 7 years.

Migraine pain and headache pain is often caused or intensified by the muscles under your scalp! It`s perfectly normal to clench your jaws when you sleep. We all do from time to time - even during normal sleep cycles. But what happens when you clench your jaw muscles 14 times more intensely than normal?

Migraine pain ... chronic headache.. TMJ pain.


Place your fingers on both sides of your head right at the tops of your ears. Now clench your jaws. Feel it? Now clench even harder, can you feel the huge temporal jaw muscles bulging under your fingertips? It`s those muscles that trigger most migraine pain.


Put a new wooden pencil between your upper and lower front teeth and bite down. You can`t feel the bulging muscles anymore. Now bite down nearly as hard as you can (don`t over-do this). You STILL can`t feel the muscles bulge. Notice how high intensity muscle contraction CANNOT occur.

Be aware that certain different types of mouthpieces have been shown to increase jaw-clenching intensity and cause other negative side effects.

When you wake up, do you feel tired, fatigued, or uncomfortable? Do your jaws sometimes feel tired? People with headache pain suffer a lot. People with migraine pain suffer even more. Medical examinations often show, however, that they`re otherwise perfectly healthy. NO PILLS. NO SHOTS. NO SURGERY. NO SIDE EFFECTS. FDA APPROVED FOR THE PREVENTION OF MIGRAINE AND HEADACHE PAIN.

Dr. Jones does not diagnose migraine headaches. He only provides for the prevention of migraine and headache pain and reduction of the frequency and intensity of pain episodes.

The cost of treatment is not a set fee. It is based on complexity. Every person, every situation is unique, especially with headaches and TMJ.

Dr. Jeffrey Jones
Phone: (309) 454-5830
Fax: (309) 452-7033
305 S Linden St
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