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About Dr. Jones


I have enjoyed being a dentist here in Normal Illinois for the past 29 years and I am very grateful to my patients who have allowed me the privilege to serve their dental health needs and permitted me to build the successful practice I enjoy today.

I want you to know that I am continually working to be worthy of the trust that you, my patients, have placed in me, by being committed to a lifetime of continuing education and staying abreast of advancements in the art and science of dentistry by updating procedures and dropping those that have become obsolete, using only the best dental materials, and continually upgrading to state of the art equipment.

Having been raised by good parents who set a wonderful example for me and having attended Illinois State University for only 3 years, then Northwestern University Dental School, I have made quality and service my golden rules.

Northwestern may not always have the best football team in America, but academically Northwestern takes a back seat to no one, including Harvard, Stanford, and the rest.

I am particularly happy about the fact that in my 29 year career not one person who has made the decision and investment to rebuild their teeth has ever lost their teeth, or anything even close.

I have found that being a dentist is a lot like being a basketball referee, someone on one side or the other seems to always be disagreeing with a decision or style.

And that's O.K. That's life. But remember, what one patient may criticize as TRYING TO SELL SOMETHING, another patient, (if they aren't told exactly the same thing as the first patient), may criticize as YOU SHOULD HAVE INFORMED ME ABOUT THAT.

So how can a patient know about treatments if we don't tell you about them? Things such as sealants, tooth whitening, cosmetic veneers, the mercury toxicity issue, the considerable differences in quality and lifespan of materials and techniques. And many other things. So hang in there, I feel an obligation to educate you about quality dentistry. And that takes time to do.

I've felt an obligation in a number of areas as a dentist. My entire career I've felt that when a person is in pain, they need help as soon as possible. But what if I have a full schedule as I usually do and I get 3 emergency calls? Well, it can complicate a day, but I've been doing it for 29 years and have gotten the knack of it. It's mostly from having treatment rooms set aside for emergencies and from having great staff who do all the "set up" work so the actual treatment takes very little time. (And I do have great staff!)

Expect to be presented with a plan for the highest quality. (And remember a plan is usually a process, not always just a single event.)

One of the fruits of my career is that at this point I am able to concentrate on doing the very best dentistry using the very best materials. (And insurance often tries to force usage of lesser materials to control their own costs.)

But please don't dislike or criticize me because I advocate the very best. I am not an employee of any insurance company. Please try to see it for what it really is. I am your true advocate for a lifetime of dental health. It is my passion.

So I pledge to you quality and service. I will do the best I can to also give speed, because I know patients want speed, but I will never, never sacrifice quality for speed.

It is true that not all patients will want me to be their dentist, because life is complex and no one is all things to all people, but in all cases I wish you well and offer you this wisdom:

Find a dentist that you like, go twice a year for a lifetime. Take 100% personal responsibility for your own dental health -- not 50%. And even though you may not want to or like to (ha, ha) ... floss your teeth daily.

If I can be of any service to you, please let me know, I am always directly available to you. Feel free to bring any problem you may be having to my attention, I will do my best to do the right thing.

In health and friendship,

Dr. Jeffrey Jones


  • Staff, Bro-Menn Hospital, Normal, Illinois
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • Dental Health Advisor to Heartland Head Start


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Dr. Jeffrey Jones
Phone: (309) 454-5830
Fax: (309) 452-7033
305 S Linden St
Normal, IL 61761

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